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Are You Serving the Right Music ?

Magnum Music Group
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Music for Restaurants
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Music Design (myōōzik • dəˈzīn) - The selection of music to fit the characteristics of a particular space in which it is played.


Let MMG design a customized music menu for your restaurant, hotel, bar or lounge. With over 30 years experience in the music and hospitality industries, our expertise creating customized music environments with a specific appeal to your clientele is unmatched. From independent operators to multi-unit locations, MMG will work to ensure your entertainment satisfaction to keep your customers returning.


At MMG….the music matters!

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The music in most restaurants is commonly an afterthought. We feel differently. What customers hear is equally as important as what they see, feel, touch or taste. The importance of programming the appropriate music during specific meal periods has proven to affect customer behavior, check averages and table turnover.


At MMG, we specialize in music for restaurants.  We personally hand select each song by daypart to ensure the music matches the mood and feel of your restaurant from open to close. For example, the music you play for lunch typically shouldn’t be the same as dinner. Your music should also be consistent from day to day without being repetitive.


We’ll also make the transition from your existing music content provider to MMG a snap. We provide all the necessary equipment to get your music streaming seamlessly and we’re fully licensed.  


MMG has created soundtracks for some of the most critically acclaimed restaurants and chefs worldwide. Let MMG design a music menu that equally compliments your dining menu.

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The music in your hotel makes a statement about your brand. It immediately creates an identity. However, hotel operations provide unique music programming challenges. Playing the same music all day in each area of your hotel just doesn’t work. We’re sensitive to creating unique music environments by daypart for your lobby, restaurants, pool, spa and fitness center.


At MMG, we specialize in music for hotels.  We’ll work to create an exciting program that engages but never distracts. Plus we make the transition from your existing music content provider to MMG a snap. We provide all the necessary equipment to get your music streaming seamlessly and we’re fully licensed. 


MMG has partnered with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry. We know how to program music from resort locations to trend setting urban environments. Let MMG create a soundtrack specifically for your brand.

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The music played in your bar or lounge is critical in setting a tone that engages and compliments your audience. MMG has many years of experience creating sophisticated soundtracks for craft cocktail lounges, sports bars & pubs. 


Your music should have energy without being intrusive. Guests should be able to enjoy a properly prepared cocktail or a cold draft beer while watching the big game with the proper music backdrop.


We also make the transition from your existing music content provider to MMG a snap. We provide all the necessary equipment to get your music streaming seamlessly and we’re fully licensed.


Don’t overlook the importance of playing the right music in your bar or lounge. Let MMG create a soundtrack that's as well crafted as your beverage menu.


A music designer creates a truly customized soundtrack that complements your concept and clientele, just as an interior designer personalizes the look and feel of your venue with texture and color.


For example, what music works for a restaurant at lunch is not going to work for dinner. That’s where MMG comes in. We use a variety of barometers such as artist and song recognition, beats-per-minute (BPM), song style and energy to ensure your music increases in tempo throughout the day & evening. You shouldn’t be playing the same music all day.


We also take a scientific approach in creating your customized soundtrack by daypart in quarter hour increments. Research has proven that music affects customer behavior. Faster music increases food & drink consumption and table turnover. The right music can significantly enhance the overall guest experience and your bottom line.

MyMusicStream by MMG

MyMusicStream is the ideal solution for operators looking for consistent music programming that changes by daypart.  MMG offers this service as an alternative to generic cable and satellite services at a much lower cost.


All equipment is provided by MMG and we’re fully licensed. Additionally, our expansive music library is updated monthly so your soundtrack will always remain fresh and current.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • Do guests complain about my music?

  • Do I hear the same songs every day?

  • Can my music be improved?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need MMG. We know what music works and what doesn’t. We’re passionate about getting it right.


At MMG…the music matters!

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